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5 money-saving tips that you should teach your children

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016

5 money-saving tips that you should teach your children

If you have a family and you are having a hard time in managing your personal finance even with the help of your partner, it’s about time to get your kids involved. Naturally, kids spend money as soon as they have it but you can change their mind set and teach them to invest which you can start easily with Orion code, in order for you to breathe free from their constant demands of new toys and electronic gadgets.

Set yourself as an example.

Children naturally follow what they observe from people surrounding them. if you keep lecturing them about saving money and you don’t set yourself as an example, then it’s all useless. Make sure that you are disciplined enough before you start teaching them about financial matters.

Let them control their own money.

As much as possible, you should not tolerate your kid’s spending of money over useless things. Let them control their own money and make them realize that not every time you can provide money for them. At first, it may seem like a disaster because as soon as they have control of their money, they would start spending it here and here but as soon as they saw something that they really want to buy, then they would start saving their own money in order to achieve their goal.

Teach them to create money goals.

In order to motivate them into achieving whatever their goal is—a new phone for example, make sure that you teach them on creating their money goal. Create a chart and tell them how much money they need in order to buy the product as well as the savings milestones as they watch their improvements grow and grow.

Always tell them about reducing their expenses.

Calculate the months that they are going to save money in order to buy what they want. After that, you can suggest on how spending less would let them reach their goal faster in a short span of time. Encourage them to spend less if they wanted to have an investment that they can be proud of as a teenager. Make them realize that spending money over unnecessary things will result in longer period of time that they are going to wait to achieve their goals. Might as well try to invest in something that you can learn from like with brit method by just one click here.

Teach them how to create a budget.

If you want them to spend less then make sure that they know how to manage their money properly by creating a budget and making sure that they stick to it. For instance, if their allowance is $100, let them divide it into four. $30 will go directly for their savings on their long-term goal, $30 will be for their short-term goal (e.g. gift for a friend, new shoes), $30 for spending and the remaining $10 will be for emergency funds. It doesn’t have to be complex and complicated or they’ll lose their interest within their budget range. Make sure that they understand every aspect of their budget so that they can think before they spend.